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Step by Step Trello Video Series

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This is an online video series consisting of 9 beginner and 13 advanced videos for planning with the free online tool, Trello. 

No Trello experience is necessary to begin using this video series. 

The beginner series will you through a Trello account creation and the basics of planning in Trello.

The advanced series will expand upon the basics to improve workflow efficiency and maximize the free potential of Trello.

Trello Video Series Syllabus (Beginner Series)

- New account setup and overall Trello architecture

- Boards (Create, Organize, Favorites, Backgrounds)

- Cards (Overview)

- Attachments (Types, Storage Limits, Preview, Comments)

- Labels (Create, Modify, Copy to Other Boards)

- Move and Copy (Boards, Lists, Cards)

- Covers (Pictures on PC and Unsplash)

- Checklists (Create, Reorder, Move Lists)

- Archive (Archiving Items and View Archive)

Trello Video Series Syllabus (Advanced Series)

- Templates (Cards, Lists, Boards)

- Search and Filter

- Link Cards

- Connecting Cards

- Advanced Checklists

- Excel Import (Checklists and Cards)

- Assignments

- Weekly Task Management and Bulk Card/List Actions

- Email Integration (Cards and Boards)

- Book Covers, GIFs, and Stickers

- Canva Covers

- Power-Ups

- Printing and Portfolios

Note: This is a digital product only.

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This video series contains 22 videos (9 beginner videos and 13 advanced videos) that take you from a Trello newbie to a Trello expert.

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Step by Step Trello Video Series

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